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Planning Application Submissions

Obtaining planning consents. Our bread and butter.

Unless you are able to utilise permitted development rights most proposed building developments will require the attainment of planning permission. This can be a daunting prospect, particularly as the planning world presents a perpetually fluid landscape with amended legislation, changing developments plans, revised supplementary guidance and new case law.

Time is money. Interurban is here to ensure that you spend less money and time navigating the planning process.

Our early engagement is where we can add significant value. Although, we have no issue assisting unforeseen planning complexities that may have cropped up during a planning submission.

Planning intricacies come in many forms which requires input from expert third party consultants. Due to undertaking our own development projects and promoting sites throughout Scotland we have robust relationships with topographical/building surveyors, drainage consultants, arboriculturists, ecologists, transport planners, noise experts and architectural/design advisers who have a proven track record of successfully delivering key components of the planning jigsaw.

We understand that every project is unique and will work with you to ensure planning and development risk is managed to achieve the best possible outcome. Interurban is used to working as a team member of the client’s appointed professional team.

Change of Use Planning
When you change the use of a building or piece of land planning permission may be required.

The Use Class Order in Scotland
Building and land uses are defined in The Town and Country Planning (Use Classes) (Scotland) Order 1997. This order groups similar types of uses together into set classes. Where a building or land is used for a purpose which is included in a particular class, the use of that building or land for any other purpose in the same class shall not be taken to involve development and therefore would not require planning permission. This is subject to conditions in certain circumstances. A change in the use of land or buildings is considered as development and therefore normally requires planning permission. Permission is generally required if the change involves moving from one use class to another use class or where a material change in the use of the land occurs, this depends on the facts and circumstances of each case. If in doubt clarification should be sought.

Sui Generis Uses
Sui Generis is a Latin expression, literally meaning of its own kind or unique in its characteristics. Any use not falling within a specified class of the order falls into the Sui Generis category. Some of the recognised Sui Generis uses:-
Use for the sale of hot food for consumption off the premises. e.g. pizza shops, takeaways, kebab shops, fish and chip shops. Use as a public house. An amusement arcade or centre or funfair; or a theatre.

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