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Pre-Application advice with Planning Authority

National Government and Local Councils encourage pre-application engagement and, in most cases, there is now a fee for accessing this local government service but how do you get the most out of this service? Before you approach the Planning Authority speak to us.

Usual practice results in the planning officer identifying the policies that they consider to be applicable in the assessment of your proposal. Commentary on the likely supporting information required to determine the application will be provided and if you are lucky a potential steer on the acceptability of your envisaged proposal. Despite charging a fee their pre- planning advise will be heavily caveated.

Our experience is the quality of the Planning Officer’s pre-application response will be determined by the quality of the pre- application submission. Accordingly, the submission of a well-considered pre- application enquiry can be instrumental in the long term success of a scheme. First impressions are everything!

All our projects start with an initial free of charge telephone conversation to understand your planning and development aspirations.

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